Click each image for an enlargement.   All paintings are original watercolors.

Wedding Kimono
Sneakers and Laces
Rows of Shoe
Designer Shoes
Wedding Kimono 30"x32" Sneakers & Laces 35"x29" Rows of Shoes 34"x31" Designer Shoes 37"x30"
Rows of Sneakers Pink and Purple Shoes Three Sandals
Rows of Sneakers 29"x37" Pink and Purple Shoes 17"x21" Three Sandals 17"x21"
Teacups and Teapots Pottery From Puebla Sunglasses
Teacups and Teapots 37"x29" Pottery From Puebla 35"x29" Sunglasses 32"x29"
8ix Cupcakes Two Cupcakes Three Cupcakes
Six Cupcakes 22"x28" Two Cupcakes 18"x15" Three Cupcakes 37"x29"

Crayons 25"x23"

Crayons 25"x23"

Nine Hats

Nine Hats 29"x36"

9 chocolates
Nine Chocolates 31" x 30"

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